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Purchase your copy of Bruce Gourley's newest
Diverging Loyalties: Baptists in
Middle Georgia During the Civil War

" ... masterful ... will stimulate useful conversations
among scholars and Civil War buffs alike."

" ... revisionist history of the best kind."

"... provocative ... comprehensive ...
insightful analysis of an important epoch."

from Mercer University Press



A Capsule History of Baptists by Bruce T. Gourley


$15.00 each - Order Your Copy!
"This is the best brief, up-to-date introduction to Baptist history available. It deserves wide usage in local Baptist churches."
Walter B. Shurden, Historian & Minister at Larger, Mercer Univ.
"A riveting account ... refreshingly accessible. Readers will find especially illuminating Gourley’s interpretation of developments in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century."
Neville Callam, Gen. Sec., Baptist World Alliance
"A masterful, reader-friendly history of Baptists’ first four
- J. Brent Walker, Exec. Dir.,
Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

"All Baptists would do well to read this volume — and do better to read it once every year."
John Pierce, Executive Editor, Baptists Today
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A Capsule History of Baptists is a freedom-centric narrative of the 400 year-old Baptist story. Suitable for small groups and supplementary classroom reading, this 128-page volume grabs the reader from the first sentence.

Click here to order your copy of A Capsule History of Baptists

Read a review of A Capsule History of Baptists in the April 2010 edition of Report From the Capital from the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

"A Capsule History of Baptists by Bruce T. Gourley is a seamless narrative of the Baptist story. Gourley’s research is excellent and his factual presentation of Baptist history is on target, but what sets his new book apart from most other histories are his colorful and creative writing style, his honest and sometimes painful analysis, his provision of a panoramic snapshot of the global Baptist movement, his fresh take on twenty-first-century Baptists and technology, and his intentional attempt to tell the Baptist story from the bottom up as well as from the top down. Gourley includes the stories of Baptist laypeople, introduces his readers to lesser-known Baptists, moves the Baptist story outside its usual American, southern, white, male confines, and deals head on with racism, sexism, fundamentalism, and consumerism. And the true beauty of A Capsule History of Baptists is that it packs all these features into 128 pages, making this a quick read. But don’t rush through the book. Take your time and enjoy!" - Pam Durso, Historian and Executive Director, Baptist Women in Ministry